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Tally Definition Language (TDL) Training Calendar

 Month :  January - 2019

Week End Batch


Regular Batch

Date Day Date Day Topics Covered Time


Sunday  11-02-2019 Monday 
  • Introduction to TDL and its Components
  • Special Symbols & Prefixes
  • Dimension & Formatting
 10.00am - 6.00pm


Sunday    12-02-2019  Tuesday 
  • Variables
  • Buttons & Keys
  • Object & Collections
 10.00am - 6.00pm


Sunday   13-02-2019  Wednesday 
  • Objects & Collections
 10.00am - 6.00pm


Sunday   14-02-2019 
  • Actions in TDL
  • User Defined Fields
  • Reports
  • Printing & Validations Controls
  • Voucher & Invoice Customization
 10.00am - 6.00pm


Sunday   15-02-2019 
  • Voucher & Invoice Customization
  • Summarization
 10.00am - 6.00pm

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Fees:  Rs. 12600/- + GST
Course Duration:  5 days, Time: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Payment terms: 100% advance along with your confirmation.

4 Quadrant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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This training program is meant for programmers who intend to develop and deploy Tally extensions .The objective of this program is to provide the participants with a comprehensive knowledge on the development language of Tally.ERP 9 ie TDL(Tally definition Language).They will also be oriented with the development environment of TDL ie Tally Developer. 




  • ►  Who Should Attend?
    • This program is intended for the people who are interested in the business of developing extensions for the default product using TDL, to meet the business or functional needs of their customers.

      The following are the prerequisites for the same.

      1. ♦ Functional knowledge of Tally product
      2. ♦ Working knowledge of Computers and basic file processing operations
      3. ♦ Exposure to any programming language is an added advantage


  • ►  Training Methodology
    • Instructor led classroom training, along with hands on practice.The participants will be taken through the concepts and usage syntax of each of the topics using PPT’s and Demo codes.They will be given time to go through the Demo TDL’s and do some Hands On Exercises during the session.

      The Training Book and comprehensive set of Demo TDL’s provided will enable them to learn,practice and apply the concepts taught during the session.

  • ►  Take Away’s
    • The participants will be provided with:

      ♦ The book “Extending Tally.ERP 9 Using TDL”
      ♦ CD containing Demo TDL’s and PPT’s used during the training session.
      • ♦ The book “Extending Tally.ERP 9 Using TDL”
      • ♦ CD containing Demo TDL’s and PPT’s used during the training session.


  • ►  Duration
    • 5 Days Full Time

  • ►  Program Highlights
    • ♦ Introduction TDL and its Components –Definitions, Attributes & Modifiers, Actions, DataTypes, Operators, Special Symbols and Functions
      ♦ Special Symbols & Prefixes
               • Usage of @ and @@
               • Usage of # and ##
               • Usage of $ and $$
               • Special symbols for Code Readability- ;, ;; and /**/,+
              • Special Symbols as Definition Modifiers-#,!,*
      ♦ Dimensions & Formatting
               • Dimensional Attributes
               • Alignment Attributes
              • Formatting Attributes
      ♦ Variables,Buttons and Keys
              • Attributes & Scope of a Variable
              • Adding a Button & Key
              • Introduction tActions
      ♦ Objects & Collections
              • Object Structure,Types and Context
              • Object association
              • Collection-Types & Sources
               • Methods & Accessing Methods using Method Formula Syntax
              • Basic Collection Capabilities-Filtering,Sorting,Searching
              • Overview of Advanced Collection Capabilities-Extraction,Aggregation,Intergration using XML Collection etc
             • Detailed Object Structure for various Internal objects of Tally-In Appendix
      ♦ Actions in TDL
              • Categories of Actions
              • Action Association and Execution
              • Global Actions-Menu,Modify Object,Create,Alter,Create,Aletr,Display Collection etc
              • Object Specific Actions –Form,Part,Line and Field Actions
      ♦ User Defined Fields
               • Defining,Storing and Retrieving value from UDF
               • Usage of Subforms for UDF’s
      ♦ Reports, Printing and Validation Controls
               • Creating various types of Reports –Tabular,Hierarchical,Column Based Reports
               • Printing Techniques and Page Breaks
               • Validation and Controls
      ♦ Voucher / Invoice Customization
               • Case Study Approach for Customizing the default Tally Screens tmeet functinal Requirements
                • Case Study Approach for Invoice Print Customization


  • ►  Session Break Up

      Day 1
      Session Topics Covered
      Session 1:
      • Introduction to TDL and its Components
      • Special Symbols & Prefixes
      Session 2:
      • Special Symbols & Prefixes
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 3:
      • Dimensions & Formatting
      Session 4:
      • Hands On Practice
      Day 2
      Session Topics Covered
      Session 1:
      • Variables
      Session 2:
      • Buttons & Keys
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 3:
      • Objects & Collections
      Session 4:
      • Hands On Practice
      Day 3
      Session Topics Covered
      Session 1:
      • Objects & Collections
      Session 2:
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 3:
      • Objects & Collections
      Session 4:
      • Hands On Practice
      Day 4
      Session Topics Covered
      Session 1:
      • Actions in TDL
      Session 2:
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 3:
      • User Defined Fields
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 4:
      • Reports
      Day 5
      Session Topics Covered
      Session 1:
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 2:
      • Printing,Validation Controls
      • Hands On Practice
      Session 3:
      • Voucher & Invoice Customization
      Session 4:
      • Hands On Practice


  • ►  Program Outcome

    • At the end of the Training Program Participants will be able to
    • ♦ Create reports in user defined formats and layouts
    • ♦ Create reports displaying the retrieved data from Tally Database
    • ♦ Designing customized entry screens to store and modify data in Tally Database
    • ♦ Perform various data manipulation operations like getting specific data, ordering data etc
    • ♦ Store additional information into the Tally Database
    • ♦ Design invoices and print in a format as desired by the user
    • ♦ To develop complete solutions on Tally Platform
  • ►  Frequently asked questions
    • ?   Can I customize the Tally software after this course?
      ANS   Yes you can.
    • ?   What software I will need to do developmental work in tally?
      ANS   Please note, Tally Developer 9 license is not required for practice or even to do business, still you can give txt file to customer if you wish and if you don’t want to protect IP.
    • ?   What is the price of those Software?
      ANS   Single User: 9,000 & Multi User 27,000.
    • ?   Can I Commercially make executables to Sale this Software developed by me?
      ANS   Yes you can.
    • ?   I have developed Software using Clipper, FoxPro and Visual Basic. Please clarify and oblige?
      ANS   The logic is same,only difference is that in other software’s you have to maintain front end and back end separately but incase of TDL,they are designed together.

      TDL is Application Programming Language under Tally.ERP 9 platform. It is 4GL language the most advantage of this language is re-usability and Rapid development.
    • ?   I went through the power point presentation and it is mentioned that you need lakh rupees as investment that is in what & how?
      ANS   That was just an example provided for you to understand the concept and brief you on TDL,you don’t have to invest anywhere.
    • ?   Do you provide the Tally Developer/compiler?
      ANS   No,Only for practice purpose we can provide the Tally Developer setup,But for compilations license is required which you can get from Tally itself.

      For beginners, download evaluation version, so that you can avail 3 months email support free from Tally.
    • ?   How do we get a job/jobs after learning TDL?
      ANS   You can apply for jobs just like the way you would apply for any other job
    • ?   How many students you have for this batch of August?
      ANS   Each Batch number varies every month but it has minimum 5 and maximum 10 students
    • ?   What is the last date of confirmation?
      ANS   You need to confirm your seat a week prior to the training dates
    • ?   Are there any arrangements to stay in thane as I am from Pune?
      ANS   Yes we can provide you the details for the accommodation, it is quite near from our office but you will have to bear your own charges
    • ?   What is the future prospective once u learn TDL?
      ANS   At the end of the program the participant will be up and running providing solutions in and around Tally Platform.There are plenty of Job opportunities in SME/LME sector corporate.

      He/she can register as our Development Partner (TSP/TI/TE) Or pursue career as a Application developer with Tally/Development Partner.As an entrepreneur he will have a lot of potential to earn by developing standard solutions/extensions which can be sold using Tally market place.
    • ?   How do we get customers or search people in need of customization?
      ANS   Multiple ways Marketing/Reference/ViaTP/Via our lead forward….
    • ?   Is it that after learning Basic TDL we can customize any requirement or is there are any more add-ons needed?
      ANS   We have provided then outcome after 5 days training, however it depends upon the persons interest, his IQ and further studies.
    • ?   Does the customization requirement has a rate card(fixed rate for specific requirement)?
      ANS   As of now NO.
    • ?   Do you in anyways help us to get new business?
      ANS   Yes if we get enquiry we will update you the same.
    • ?   Once we learn this if a new version of Tally is released do we have to learn TDL for that again?
      ANS   NO, the training we provide is on Core basics and fundamental will not change, enchainment will come need to learn
    • ?   The training fees of 9000.00 seems a little higher, so is there any scope of discount or less fees?
      ANS   No, we provide discounts only for college students.





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